Monday, August 2, 2010

BMW 5 Series Trying To Top The Indian Luxury Car

Beemer is back with a bang with the new, smartened up BMW 5 series sedan. Now, BMW has more strength to beat its arch rival Mercedes Benz in the sales chart. BMW has already pushed Benz aside and became the No.1 luxury car brand upto March 2010. But during the last quarter, due to the stoppage in production of BMW 5 series, Benz was selling more cars. But now, BMW hopes that it will regain the top spot with the 5 series.

According to Juergen Eder, MD of Prodcutions, BMW, informed that the company is confident that the new BMW 5 series produced in Chennai will increase our momentum in the Indian luxury car segment. BMW 5 series is priced in the range of Rs 38.9 lakh and Rs 58 lakh (ex-showroom).It is the most sought out luxury sedan, accounting for more than 50% of the total BMW sales and the German car maker has sold 3,700 units of this particular model since 2007.

The battle between the trio, Benz-BMW-Audi is heating up as all the three car makers are having loads of surprises with new car launches as well as strengthening their distribution through new showrooms. For instance, Benz launched 15 products in just 6 months of 2010 in India. The latest surprise is SLS AMG, which will cost Rs. 2 crore!

Audi, on the other hand, is ready to launch its new products, so as to widen its portfolio. It is already assembling its few car models in India and is further finding possibilities to assemble A8, Q3 and Q7 at its Aurangabad plant. Audi is also targeting to sell 6000 cars by 2015 and is eager to grab the "No.1 luxury car maker" in India.



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